Cities are identified by their skylines. By the skyscrapers and other diverse facilities where people work, worship, heal, learn, celebrate and play. The stories most often told of these buildings are about their designer and the architectural style, or about their named tenant. Or, about their visual and tangible elements, number of stories and dominant materials.

However, with each of these structures, whether in the central city or suburbs, there are other compelling stories. Those rarely told. The narratives of the companies and the people who built these buildings.

The purpose and the passion of Kiley Literary Legacies is to tell these stories. To celebrate, in writing, the courage, determination, and resiliency of these builders. And, to record the fascinating histories of their companies, several now thriving for multiple generations.

There is always a common theme: These men and women have great character strength that generates a value-based culture that attracts principled employees, building partners and clients. People who relish the chance to share anecdotes and memories. It is privileged work to listen to and recount their experiences.

These books become a treasured legacy. A true gift. Especially to children and grandchildren, to current and former employees and to all others who were involved in any way. This history of their family and company provides insight and inspiration. Each story reinforces and expands the sacred legacy of the commercial construction industry in Houston and Texas.

Character is essential for success!